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Are you looking for an experienced and highly professional coin laundry broker in the South Florida area?

We offer coin laundry business brokerage services that get the results you desire.

Our extensive experience in the coin laundry industry is backed by market expertise, operations knowledge, a high level of professionalism, and an in-depth understanding of the industry which sets us apart from others.

If you are in the market to purchase a coin laundry, feel free to browse our available listings. Then, make an appointment to get a complete idea of what we can do for you. We are certain that our expertise will help you scale the heights of what you can achieve in the coin laundry industry.

Business broker and founder, Joshua Prager, is a 10+ year veteran in the coin laundry industry. He owns and operates multiple stores in the tri county area while volunteering with the Florida Coin Laundry Association (FCLA). If you are thinking of buying and running your own coin laundry business and need helpful start up guidance, Joshua can help.

Feel free to contact us to explore your options to get into this exciting business.

Joshua Prager
Josh is a pleasure to deal with.  His high level of integrity makes him one of the most trusted professionals in the industry.

John O’Brien
Multi Store Owner, Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Josh was very professional in co-brokering with me as a fellow business broker.  I look forward to working with him in the future!

Barbara Mangone
United Realty Group, West Palm Beach, FL