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How to convert a coin slide to a coin drop

Converting on a Speed Queen/Huebsch MD2 series washer

It might be time to upgrade your old coin slides to coin drops. As vend prices in coin laundries rise, it is much easier for customers to drop coins in a coin drop that counts down, than it is to fill a coin slide with quarters multiple times. Below are detailed instructions on how to convert an MD2 series Huebsch/Speed Queen washer from a coin slide to a coin drop.

Old Coin Slide    

Tools Needed

  • Flat Head Screw Driver
  • Phillips Screwdriver
  • 5/16 Nut Driver
  • 7/16 Wrench or Socket Wrench
  • Wire strippers / crimper
  • Coin Drop Kit Part#F200003000P which includes a coin drop, power supply, and power harness
  • Plastic Anchors Part#F432001


  1. Make sure the power is turned off
  2. Remove the old coin slide with the 5/16 nut driver
  3. Remove coin mechanism with a flat head screwdriver
  4. Remove wires to terminals #33, #38, #39, #40
  5. Attach the power supply to the plastic anchors on the side wall or the bottom of the control tray. If the plastic anchors are not installed, you will need to install them…just snap them in.
  6. Attach the power supply wire harness to the terminals:
    • Wire #340 gets connected to terminal 40
    • Wire #339 gets connected to terminal 39
    • Wire #338 gets connected to terminal 38
    • Wire #334 gets connected to terminal 34 and coin blocker
    • Wire #333 gets connected to terminal 33
    • Wire #3cb gets connected to coin blocker
    • Noise reducer (little black box w/wire connections) from terminal 34 to terminal 40
  7. Make a jumper wire and connect it between terminal 25 and terminal 40 to bring power to the display. (The jumper needs to be a 14 gauge piece of wire that is about 5” long with a connector at each end)
  8. Make sure all connections are properly secured
  9. Install coin drop and make sure the set screw is securely fastened
  10. Connect the red ribbon between the coin counter board and power supply and power supply to wire harness
  11. Turn power on and check to see if the coin drop works properly.