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Press Release - May 11, 2017

Laundry Owners Warehouse Donates Dexter 200G Express Washer to Abandoned Pet Rescue

Ft. Lauderdale Based Business Continues On Its Mission to Help Those Who Help Others in Need

The number of abandoned pets has been on the rise across the US. An organization working diligently to provide the discarded pets a safe home is Abandoned Pet Rescue. Recently, Laundry Owners Warehouse donated a Dexter 200G Express Washer to the charitable organization. APR is one of many charities trying to care for abandoned pets and keep them under their supervision to ensure they can lead fulfilling lives. Laundry Owners Warehouse cares about this issue deeply and in light of the organization’s dedication to their cause, decided to help APR.

Speaking about the donation, Joshua Prager, Owner of Laundry Owners Warehouse, stated, “It is a deeply concerning fact that while the population of animals across the country is declining, the number of abandoned pets is on the rise and if it weren’t for the efforts of organizations like Abandoned Pet Rescue, the situation would be much graver. At Laundry Owners Warehouse, we recently found out about the work they are doing in and around South Florida, having rescued 300 animals. We appreciate their dedication and our small donation is a token of that”.

The machine donated to the charity is a state-of-the-art, modern express washer, which the company hopes will prove useful to those who are working round the clock to help the pets under their care. Joshua continued, stating, “We will continue to help APR in any way we can and our board is determined to give back to the community through small gestures such as this”.

Barrie Peterson, Chairman of the Board (APR), stated, “We are grateful to Laundry Owners Warehouse for this wonderful gesture. Any assistance we receive goes a long way towards helping us fulfill our mission. I assure Josh and his team that we will make good use of the Dexter 200G Express Washer”.

With the high-end Dexter 200G Express Washer donated and installed, Laundry Owners Warehouse assures Abandoned Pet Rescue maintenance won’t be a concern.

About Laundry Owners Warehouse

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About Abandoned Pet Rescue

Located in South Florida, Abandoned Pet Rescue (APR) has been on a mission to rescue hapless and helpless pets that have been abandoned or neglected by their past owners, for the past two decades. APR is a registered charitable organization and currently houses over 300 animals, including a large population of cats and dogs. If you wish to donate or want to learn more about Abandoned Pet Rescue, visit All donations made to the charity are tax-deductible.